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Our Backup Sensor Systems can be installed in a minimal amount of time with readily available tools. It combines the advantages of modern backup sonar technology and highly sophisticated electronic control in one easy to install package. Our Backup Sensor Systems are a safety and convenience feature found in many new high end luxury vehicles. Now everyone can enjoy the same luxury option at a very affordable price. Having a Parking/Backup Sensor System is like having eyes in the back of your vehicle and can help you avoid costly accidents and injuries. Our Backup Sensor Systems is the perfect aid for backup up/reverse parking, street parking, parallel parking, garage parking, and wherever parking in a tight spot. The system can also detect still (such as pillars, walls, and fences) and moving objects including children and pets. Makes parking easy and worry free.

The benefit of choosing our Backup Sensor Systems is...

  • Complete kit, with LED display (distant measured) and Audible Alerts
  • Available in black, silver, and white
  • Sensors are paintable to match original body color
  • Detailed installation instructions included
  • Using the latest Ultrasonic Wave (Sonar) Echolocation technology
  • Comes with four sensors providing good coverage
  • All new wiring harness with free drill bit
  • Power: Standard 12 volts, simply by tapping into the wires of backup light
  • Can be installed in any vehicle
  • Used by Dealerships and Manufacturers worldwide
  • 2 year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
  • On special now for $50 each, limited time offer while supplies last.

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