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Our Seat Heating Systems can be installed in a minimal amount of time with readily available tools. It combines the advantages of modern carbon-technology and highly sophisticated electronic control in one easy to install package. Heated seats are a comfort and convenience feature today's drivers expect in many of their new vehicle. Now everyone can enjoy the same luxury option at a very affordable price. The unique Seat Heating Systems design allows the driver and passenger to experience heated comfort in almost all of today's vehicles.

Correctly installed into your car's seat, our Seat Heating Systems will radiate comfort and warmth, enhancing your driving experience for many years to come!

Included in each Seat Heater Kit:

  • 2 heater elements (4 different sizes available)

  • 1 round dual temp hi/low/off switch

  • 1 wiring harness

  • 2 year warranty or 30,000 miles which ever comes first

  • All necessary fuses, thermostats, and relays

  • Instruction Manual

  • One very happy customer

Automotive Seat Heaters

ON SALE $90.00 US SHIPPED for each kit for one seat! (For Innovative Heat II), for large volume orders, please contact us for bulk quotes. Free Shipping is only valid within North America only, any orders outside of North America must pay an additional $20 (each kit) for international shipping. To Order just click on the the secured links below...

Innovative Heat Multi Dial

Please click on the model for more detailed ordering information.

If you are a wholesaler and looking bulk pricing, please complete the bulk order form today! All US orders will be shipped from Los Angeles, CA and all INTERNATIONAL and CAD orders will be shipped from Vancouver, BC. Pictures may not be exactly as shown but description is accurate.

Because we are the largest distributor for seat heaters in North America, we have compiled a list below to inform our clients what vehicles our product cannot be installed on. The vehicles listed below have glued seat covers therefore installation is completed possible but would take twice the amount of time to seperate the foam from the seat cover. Our seat heaters will fit 99% of the vehicles in the market today.

Seat Heaters

For the vehicles listed above, seat heater installation is still possible but would require much more effort than normal. You will need to slowly seperate the seat cover from the foam. You won't damage the seat covers because they are very thick and very difficult to break. The foam can be damaged as it can be easily repaired.

HeatedSeatKits.com offers a Tracking Number Search Engine to gurantee delivery, click HERE for more information. Our Heated Seat Kits or Seat Heaters are all designed and engineered in Germany. If you have any questions regarding our products, you may contact our great Sales Team.

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