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HeatedSeatKits.com Replacement Parts

Our Seat Heating Systems can be repaired in a minimal amount of time with readily available parts and tools. It combines the advantages of modern carbon-technology and highly sophisticated electronic control in one easy to install package. Everyone buys two seat heaters, so you can simply swap parts to see if the problem carries over. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to troubleshoot a seat heater problem, or you will really need professional help!

Correctly installed into your car's seat, our Seat Heating Systems will radiate comfort and warmth, enhancing your driving experience for many years to come! Because we at HeatedSeatKits.com want to ensure that you have a trouble-free resolution to your problems, you can purchase replacement parts below.

Troubleshooting our Seat Heaters is a very simple therefore parts can be easily replaced without removing everything again. Our seat heaters are a completely plug and play system and you won't need a screw driver to release any clips.

There are no refunds on replacement parts, please ensure that you order what you need as they are special order items!

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There are no refunds on replacement parts, please ensure that you order what you need as they are special order items!

Control Modules - The main motherboard of the seat heater unit, it has a built in thermostat which keeps the temperature consistent. It also functions as a central hub and a power supply at the same time. Normally they come in black or light gray. Can be purchased at $25.00USD each.

Elements - Produces heat when 12 volt positive and negative is applied. Four wire element includes a temperature and occupancy sensor built inside. Because of the latest grid design, the heater elements will last a lifetime unless you cut the power distribution leads on the sides of the element. Normally they come in beige, black or white color. Can be purchased at $60.00USD each.

Extensions - You can mount the seat heater switch to your door panels if you want. If you own a very large van, and the supplied wiring harness isn't long enough, you can purchase a 6 ft extension to increase the length of the switch wire. Cost is only $20.00 each.

Sealed Fuse Holders - You can purchase replacement fuse holders from us. They have a resealable cap to cover the exposed 10 amp fuse.

Switches - Hi/Low/Off switch, it controls the temperature the user selects. The switch wire has a tiny motherboard inside, its purpose to provide power to the led. Normally they come in black with amber, green or red led light.. Can be purchased at $15.00USD each.

Wiring Harness - If you can't resolve the problem and would like to change the complete wiring harness, the cost is only $45.00 each.

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If you are a wholesaler and looking bulk pricing, please complete the bulk order form today! All US orders will be shipped from San Jose, CA and all INTERNATIONAL and CAD orders will be shipped from Vancouver, BC. Pictures may not be exactly as shown but description is accurate.

HeatedSeatKits.com offers a Tracking Number Search Engine to gurantee delivery, click HERE for more information. Our Heated Seat Kits or Seat Heaters are all designed and engineered in Germany. You may also order securely via telephone by contacting anyone of our great Sales Team via their toll free number at 1-800-717-0106.

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