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Good Day,
My name is Michael and I am a service manager for a local Honda Dealership. While tumbling through some websites some months ago, I quickly found an article which profiled a recent diy article outlining the installation a new product with which you can install aftermarket seat heaters for under $240! Having had many years of experience in the automotive industry as well as hands on mechanical work it occurred to me that such a product could be a miracle. Keep in mind the cost for JUST the oem heater elements is well over $1,000 for top and bottom cushions for ONE seat. I know this because we have customers who com in with warranty problems all the time.

As retail often is slow to pickup on new items such as “Innovative Heat II”, I wondered how much time would elapse before it would be available at retail from our local autoparts store. Much to my surprise, I was recently surprised to find it available on the internet for only $120 for one complete seat heater kit. I quickly ordered a sampling as I wanted to check this “stuff” out for myself.

Upon arrival, I install my first kit on my Honda Civic in my garage using tools I already owned. I was amazed to find the product seemed to be everything it was touted to be. Took my Civic with the installed seat heaters to my work place and showed the sales manager and they couldn't tell if it was Factory or Aftermarket! In fact I have included an email note which one of the members wrote on the forum, and several of his network friends, after install the Innovative Heat II seat heater kits. For obvious reasons, personal data has been removed from the email:

“I had to replace my defective elements on my Lincoln with the Innovative Heat II aftermarket seat heaters yesterday that a friend recommended me to try. I’ll never own a car again that doesn't have seat heaters! This stuff is awesome. It’s good for temps from 95 to 110 degrees. You can check them out at www.heatedseatkits.com”

Another forum member returned to purchase 2 additional seat heater kits for his fathers car. Upon my questioning his use for the product he stated that he made his first purchase a few months ago with another company and they didn't offer him technical support after he bought their product. Not being a pro he was in search for another company that provide technical support after the sale. As it turned out, heatedseatkits.com provided him with very important tips on the installation process for his particular vehicle hence making it possible to install it by himself. He quickly contacted the other company and refunded the seat heater kits that didn't come with any help whatsoever. His purchase of the additional seat heater kits was just so that his father would “never be without it”.

Thanks for being a leader in this “miracle” product field. I am pleased to be able to offer “Innovative Seat Heater Kits” to my customers. I do apologize for my lengthy ramblings contained herein. However, I thought it is important to share with you the experiences which are taking place in the field.


Hello there, I would like to thank you for providing me a product that I thought never existed. Tomorrow I’m off to my garage to install, yet another seat heater kit on my second vehicle. Because my wife came home and saw how easy it was to install it on my car, she immediately asked for it to be done on her car as well! NOW, and not in three months when we could save up enough to pay the local dealership to get it done. I’ve done all of the maintenance for both cars, except for electrical work because I was scared to death of frying the cars computer because I used the wrong connections. To be honest, I’ve been driving my car twice a day just to check my work, just to be sure. Everything was working perfectly, top and bottom cushions are heating just as planned. I’m sleeping well tonight!

Thanks for a wonderful product! I now have the confidence to install seat heaters on all of my family's vehicles and I am so glad I found your product on the internet! It took me only 4 hour's worth of labor and only costed a fraction of what the dealer wanted with the vehicle! Outstanding! Now to tell all my friends!


Mrs. Ross,
My name is Dave and I previously purchased your product “Innovative Heat” and was really impressed with its heating performance. I’ve been telling my friends and coworkers about your product, it really works just as you advertised. The last order that I placed with your company was for two kits. I would like to purchase two more kits for my sisters car. I know she will be happy with this birthday gift since her car's manufacturer doesn't have heated seats as an option!


Thank you so much for this wonderful invention. For the home mechanic, this material is perfect, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with working on the car seats! I can’t rave enough about this product, and I wanted to let you all know that.


A little car owners hint: if you ever have dreamed of having seat heaters in your car like the ones in BMW's and Mercedes-Benz's like I do, the following product is unbelievable.

A few weeks ago I was looking for seat heaters from junk yards for my Volkswagen, and discovered the savings wasn't there if I were to buy from the dealership. The parts people at the junk yard said I would need to take all five seats if I wanted to the seat heater elements from the front two seats. In discussion with the local used car dealership, I told him that I wanted seat heaters in my car and that I couldn't find an affordable solution to this problem. He told me that he had a new product that he had personally used to install on his used cars to push the sale. It is called “Innovative Heat Seat Heaters” and it works like a charm. I quickly ordered from the website that he bought it from and I installed it the same day I received it. I couldn't believe how affordable it was and the installation process was a breeze with the help of the support technicians. Now I'm driving my car everyday like it was brand new, it definitely feels more luxurious than before!


I would like to order another set of Innovative Heat Seat Heaters again. This will be our second time buying your product and think it’s the best thing since power seats!


I recently purchased a Porsche Cayenne for my wife and believe it or not it doesn't come with factory seat heaters. My wife demanded seat heaters or else she will be driving my 911 to work. I quickly did a google search and stumbled upon your website, I quickly ordered it and got the closest installer recommended by your company to install them immediately. I've enjoyed them so much that now I take the Cayenne out more than the 911! Not only did you provide me with a good quality product, you also provided me assistance in finding an installer in my city. No joke, I'm one happy camper!



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