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Heated Seats

Don't even try to imagine the feeling of toasty-warm buns if you've never driven a car with electric seat warmers. For those of us who choose to live in an environment where the thermometer spends half its time in the negatives, having the luxury of seat warmers, is truly a technological blessing.heaters P2

HeatedSeatKits.com offers a Tracking Number Search Engine to gurantee delivery, click HERE for more information. Our Heated Seat Kits or Seat Heaters are all designed and engineered in Germany. Got a question about our products? Please visit our FAQ as you will find many answers to commonly asked questions.

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No more cold nights! No more cold seats!

At HeatedSeatKits.com not only do we manufacture top quality leather interiors, and superb OEM look custom fit seat covers, but we are the exclusive distributor of Tier 2 OEM Quality Seat Heaters. They are made of Innovative Carbon Fiber Technology, developed in, and Engineered from Germany. As the National Distributor of these Automotive Seat Heaters we are able to offer a very competitive price. The manufacturer of our Seat Heaters is well established and highly regarded in the European automotive industry. To view list of automobile manufacturers who use our seat heaters Click Here.heaters B4

Since our beginning in 1995, client service has been a fundamental value of our organization. Our highest priority is to deliver the best of the company to every client engagement. Weither you are a fortune 500 company or just a regular customer, you will be treated equally the same. HeatedSeatKits.com supplies our world class seat heaters with various companies around the globe. We are proud to be largest supplier of seat heating products in North America. We have the biggest selection and ability to customize the products for different custom applications. Following is a partial list of our clients, most of whom we have been honored to represent for more than 10 years.

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The retrofit Tier 2 seat heater system gives you all features and quality you would expect from an original equipment manufacturer. Reason is, they are USED by the manufacturers themselves. The application of carbon technology ensures the even spread of warmth to both the seat back and cushion. Feel comfortable in minutes! The carbon fiber design provides flexibility and strength. The PERFECT solution for you and your family! Don't hesistate, ORDER NOW! Our product works great on both cloth or leather seats!

These car seat heater kits can be simply installed with commonly found household tools. Get the luxury you deserve for a fraction of the cost! Click HERE for the printable installation instructions! Great DIY project that will save you money and provide you with the comfort you deserve. 6 heaters H16


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