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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is focused on the automotive heated seats. The heated seats, while acting as a welcome addition on a cold morning, are equipped with highly sophisticated electronics and latest element design. This FAQ is designed to inform and enlighten the reader on the benefits of our products.

Q1. How many seat heater elements are included in each kit?
A1. Each seat heater kit that we carry comes with two heater elements, one is for your bottom seat cushion and the other is for your back cushion. Our seat heaters are identical to the ones found in a lot of today’s vehicles at a significantly lower price..

Q2. How soon will I receive the seat heaters?
A2. Please allow anywhere from 1-2 business days for our shipping department to prepare your order and ship out to you. Depending on the amount of orders on that day, your order will be shipped based in the order it was received. For tracking information, please visit this link at http://www.heatedseatkits.com/track.html to obtain your tracking number.

Q3. What are your hours of operation for live help?
A3. To better serve you, HeatedSeatKits.com is opened 7 days a week to assist you. Live Help and customer service is available from Mondays to Fridays 9:00am to 4:00pm PST. E-mails are checked and responded every day of the week.

Q4. How long is the warranty for the products that you sell?
A4. Our products all carry a standard two year manufacturer warranty or 30,000 miles (whichever one comes first), if for some reason the product we sold you is not functioning as it is suppose to, we will gladly replace it within that time frame.

Q5. I bought your seat heaters and I am not exactly the greatest DIYER, can you help me?
A5. Our products is engineered to be easy to install, you can find great tips at this link on how to remove your existing seat covers (http://www.heatedseatkits.com/services.html) under "Internet Resources." If in case you have difficulty installing them midway, we will gladly provide you with an installer in your local city to assist you further. Most local mechanics or car audio installers can install our products, we will provide technical support if they require assistance.

Q6. My stock oem seat heater element died, can you help me?
A6. We have a great solution for you, we sell the 12 volt seat heater replacement element for situations like this, all you need to do is remove the old seat heater element and replace it with our seat heater element. A significantly lower cost to repair this problem than your local dealership. We understand how difficult it is to find a single heater element, as we are the first to sell them in this market. The elements work the same way as a stove top element, you add positive and negative to produce heat.

Q7. I would like to install your seat heaters on my vehicle, but I plan to purchase the OEM seat heater switches, can I use the OEM switches with your kits?
A7. The answer to this question really depends on your electrical knowledge, of course it is possible if you are electrically inclined. We have installed many seat heaters on vehicles using the manufacturers OEM seat heater switches.

Q8. Does your seat heater have off/low/high option?
A8. Yes, our seat heaters all have off/low/high options, just like the OEM ones found in your friends luxury vehicle. The seat heaters have a built in thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature if it has reached the maximum.

Q9. Does your seat heaters have automatically shutoff if installed directly to the battery?
A9. Of course not, the seat heater can considerably drain your battery if left on. Unfortunately even factory seat heaters that come in today's vehicles do not have this function. You may install our seat heaters behind the accessory (like the factory vehicles), meaning the seat heaters can only be turned on if the ignition key is on.

Q10. I found a website that sells the same product for less, can you match it?
A10. Because we at HeatedSeatKits.com are the national distributors for seat heaters, if you find a price lower than ours for the same product, we will gladly match that price and discount the item to 15% off the competitors price.

Q11. Why are your prices so low?
A11. Because we buy in large quantities passing the savings down to you. We are distributors to over 3,500 suppliers in North America.

Q12. Can I become a installer or supplier for your products?
A12. Yes, for more information please contact our Sales Department for access to the reseller page.

Q13. Does your seat heaters work on cloth seats?
A13. Yes, our seat heaters will work well under cloth, vinyl, or leather seat covers, they are paper thin, so you won't even notice that they are installed!

Q14. What are hog rings?
A14. Hog rings are simply round clips that hold your seat covers down to the chair frame. They can be easily removed with regular household pliers, and it is necessary to remove all hog rings to make the job alot more easier.

Q15. How many kits do I buy? I would like to have seat heaters for the driver and passenger front row seats.
A15. You would require to purchase two kits (dual unit) as each kit is designed for only one seating area.

Q16. Will your seat heaters fit my vehicle?
A16. Our universal seat heaters are very customizable as we have not come across a vehicle that would not fit. We have installed seat heaters on anything from a motorcycle to a ferrari.

Q17. Does your seat heater switch have led light?
A17. Due to overwelming requests from our customers, HeatedSeatKits.com has developed the Innovative Seat Heaters with dual temperature lighted switch. Low = green light and High = red light. For more information, please click HERE. Our Innovative Seat Heaters also includes an all new wiring harness with better adhesive tapes.

Q18. If I purchase a dual unit today, are they wired together?
A18. A dual unit actually contains two single seat heater kits, the reason why, is because each individual heater kit must be operated by a individual switch. It would be silly to turn on the seat heaters for both driver and passenger seats when only one seat is occupied. Troubleshooting is also alot easier because you can exchange parts to locate the source of the problem.

Q19. Can I install the seat heater switches on the door panels?
A19. Yes, we have installed many seat heater switches on vehicle doors panels, the most common place to install the seat heater switches are the front dash below the CD Radio, vehicle seat panels, or near the gear box cover.

Q20. I already have seat heaters in the front and would like to install seat heaters in the rear.
A20. Yes, you can install seat heaters for all 5 seats, a luxury item that all your passengers will enjoy.

Q21. Do you have installation instructions available for me to review before my purchase?
Q21. For your convenience, we have online installation instructions on our website at (http://www.heatedseatkits.com/installation.html). It is available in both html and adobe .pdf format for your convenience.

Q22. When I bought my vehicle, seat heaters was not an option, can I use your kits on my car?
A22. Yes, our universal seat heaters can be installed on any vehicle regardless of make. There are a list of cars with glued seat covers which makes the installation alot more difficult. The list of vehicles is listed on our website under the "products" page.

Q23: Why should I buy from your company?
A23: By buying from the largest distributor of heated seats in North America, you are guranteed the lowest prices. Buy buying from the source, you will save alot of money on shipping and avoid profitting from a middleman.

Q24: I found another company selling the same product, their prices is $5.00 less. Why should I buy from you?
A24: There are alot of seat heaters in the market that are not universal and are not carbon fiber. Copper elements will only break down within 2-3 years and can catch on fire. The brands we carry are well respected and provides a two year in-house warranty on all the products that we carry. We are the real deal, you will be getting the lowest price for products that actually work AS ADVERTISED.

Q25: Does your company profit from shipping like other online businesses?
A25: Shipping is always free for customers located in North America. Our competitors profit from their outrageous shipping fees.

Q26: Is your online ordering page secured?
A26: Yes, our websites are using the lastest SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption to protect your personal data. You can check this by visiting the webpage where you enter your complete address and credit card information. Then simply visit the website, click "file menu", then choose "properties" in your favourite Internet Browser..

Q27: I would like to obtain the tracking number for my order?
A27: You can obtain the tracking number for your order by visiting our website and click on "Track and Confirm" on the top right corner of the page. You can track your orders (and previous orders) by entering your full name or zip code.

Q28: Are your prices in US Dollars?
A28: Yes, the prices on our website are all in US Dollars since our Head Office is located in Seattle, Washington..

Q29: I prefer not to enter my personal information via the online website?
A29: You may contact our sales representatives if you wish to place an order via telephone. Our sale staff will be more than glad to take your order over the telephone.

Q30: What shipping couriers do you use?
A30: For Canadians we would normally use Canada Post. For United States we would normally use UPS Ground and United States Parcel Services.

Q31: Which models are the most popular?
A31: The most popular products today are the H2, H3 Seat Heater Kits and Innovative Heat II and Extreme models.

Q32: Do you ship to the International Countries?
A32: Yes, we ship our products all around the world. We have customers located in every country.

Q33: I'm from Canada, is shipping very slow and are there alot of duties involved??
A33: Because you are located in Canada, your order will be processed within Canada. There are no custom duties involved, we have trucks transporting stock through the border everyday.

Q34: Please provide me the contact information for you reseller located in my state?
A34: Due to privacy laws, we are unable to provide you with confidential information regarding our customers. However, you can find them by doing a google search on our products and guaranteed to find many resellers of our products. For security reasons, we will not give your information out to anyone unless an agreement is signed.

Q35: What is carbon fiber and the benefits?
Carbon Fiber is the latest standard of choice for OEM Seat Heaters used by many new car manufacturers. The benefit of carbon fiber that it is thread like and requires very little voltage to produce a lot of heat. No one uses copper based elements anymore (used ten years ago), they are outdated and have high chance of breaking down, burn your seat covers, and catch on fire. Our carbon fiber elements can be cut and holes can be made in the middle to allow you to keep the shape of your channels. This is something our competitors don't have, which makes a good reason why you should try out our product.

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